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TinyMUSH 3.3

The source code for TinyMUSH 3.3 is avalable on SourceForge's GIT.

git clone git:// tinymush-code

Previous Releases

The source code for previous releases is avalable on SourceForge's CVS.

Our CVS repository is available, read-only, to everyone. If you want to submit a patch for the project, please do your diff against the latest version of the tree. This will make it easier to incorporate your patch, and make it less likely that you'll be in conflict with some other recent change. There is a synchronization lag between the private developer's CVS server, and the anonymous CVS server, but this shouldn't exceed 24 hours, so at the worst, any out-of-date code will be at most a day old.

We don't recommend using the latest version from CVS for your MUSH. In fact, we strongly discourage it, unless you're a developer. The CVS tree is the cutting edge of our development process, and there's absolutely no guarantee that these sources are working or stable enough to run a live MUSH. Also, we don't provide support for the development version. If you run development sources, and encounter problems, please report them -- and preferably submit a patch to fix them. Make frequent back-ups, and archive them, just in case there's some kind of creeping problem.

To start using the anonymous CVS repository, you must begin by downloading the whole source tree. Make sure there's not a tinymush directory already present in your current directory (as it will be overwritten by the CVS one), and then do the following:

  • Log anonymously to sourceforge`s cvs server.
$ cvs login   
Logging in to
CVS password: (just hit enter, there's no password)
  • Checkout (download) the current tree.
$ cvs -z3 co tinymush   
cvs checkout: Updating tinymush
U tinymush/BETA
U tinymush/Build   
U tinymush/src/tools/rawdump.c
U tinymush/src/tools/

You will now have an up-to-date copy of the CVS tree. If you want to sync your tree in the future, just do an update, as follows:

$ cd tinymush
 $ cvs update    
cvs update: Updating .
cvs update: Updating src/tools

Additional documentation for how to use CVS can be found on Sourceforge.